Collaborate Lab Reservations

Lab Request Form

COLLABORATE provides instructional labs to support computer-based teaching and learning. These labs can serve as primary teaching locations for a course, or can be reserved for independent student activities. Labs are located in Phelps Hall, Psychology East (LSCF), the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB), and the Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) Building.

Use the Lab Request Form to specify the dates, times, lab layout, software, and other features needed for your course.

Scheduling Notes:

Requests are processed as they are received, so make your request as soon as you know what you need.

Lab requests can be initiated on the same timeline as the General Assignment Classroom request process (during the second proof period, approximately 4 months before the start of the target quarter). This allows you to reserve a lab as a primary teaching location without also reserving a General Assignment Classroom as a backup.

A separate request must be submitted for each course and/or section, and for each quarter a course is offered.

Requests for specific software and any required class files that need to be installed on lab systems must be received no later than two weeks before the quarter begins to ensure availability. Instructors should verify that the requested software is functioning as expected before the start of the quarter.

Please notify us about any cancellations or absences by emailing us your name and confirmation number. If a lab goes unused during reserved times without explanation, the reservation can be cancelled and the lab opened to other requests.

For more information about COLLABORATE labs, please visit